Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take my child in for his or her first dental visit?

A child should have his or her first dental appointment no later than his or her first birthday. Afterwards, he or she should come in every six months for a dental examination and teeth cleaning.

How often should I visit the dentist?

Children and adults are encouraged to see the dentist for an oral examination and cleaning every six months. These checkups include dental x-rays, teeth cleaning, flossing and any restoration treatment that’s needed. We’ll schedule your next appointment and recommend next steps.

What is a dental emergency?

Any trauma to the mouth that results in lost teeth, loosened teeth, broken or cracked teeth, deep cuts to the gums, tongue, lips and inside of the cheeks warrant a dental emergency. Dental emergencies involve severe pain and excessive bleeding.

Why do my teeth ache?

There are many reasons why your teeth may ache including tooth decay, a cold, a sinus infection and excessive pressure and rubbing of the teeth from stress or Bruxism. Tooth pain and sensitivity aren’t normal and should be checked out by one of our dental specialists right away.

Do I need to floss? If so, how often?

We recommend patients incorporate flossing into their at-home oral hygiene routine. Flossing at least once a day is highly recommended.

What are amalgam fillings? Are they dangerous?

Amalgam fillings have been used to treat cavities for many years. Amalgam fillings are composed of a mixture of metals (silver, copper and tin) and liquid mercury. Concern over the mercury in the amalgam fillings have been a hotly debated. At Kuna dental, we use composite resin fillings using modern dental equipment and techniques. These composite resin fillings are highly durable and are tooth colored, making them more aesthetically pleasing than amalgam fillings.

How can cosmetic dentistry improve my smile?

Whether you want to brighten your smile with teeth whitening or reshape crooked, cracked teeth, there are various cosmetic dental procedures that go above restoring and keeping your mouth healthy to enhancing the look of your smile. Common dental procedures include: teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers, crowns and dental implants.

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